Beloved Saint-Henri Breakfast Spot Café Joe Has Closed: 'It's Joever'

"We're Joesed. JOEREVOIR."

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Beloved Saint-Henri Breakfast Spot Café Joe Has Closed: 'It's Joever'

Beloved Saint-Henri breakfast and coffee spot Café Joe has closed its doors. The rue Saint-Antoine restaurant owners took to Facebook to announce its closure as of February 7. In the February 1 post, they suggested that the latest lockdown influenced the decision.

They also expressed some hope that, like them, a Café Joe lover could swoop in and take over the business.

"We picked up Joes during the first round of lockdowns. We were regulars of the old spot, and when we heard it was closing, jumped in to keep it open and as it was," the Facebook post reads.

"We didn't know much about the industry, but we worked hard, brought on some great people, and did our best for as long as we could. Unfortunately, a year and a half later and in another round of lockdowns, we are making the decision to close."

The owners say there's now an opportunity for someone in the neighbourhood to follow in their footsteps.

"We are closing now to give us an opportunity to transition to whoever in the community is next up in the stewardship of Joes. Nothing has been settled yet, and if you love the place would like to have some further conversation, we are happy to set something up."

MTL Blog has reached out for more information on the possibility that the restaurant will live on under new owners.

Café Joe thanked its patrons in its farewell message.

"We want to truly thank everyone who came in and helped out through all this. All the staff, the regulars, the not-so-regulars, and anyone who at any time came by and helped to keep it Joes."

Thomas MacDonald
Senior Editor
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