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I Tried The New Tommy Café Tapas Menu & I'm Still Thinking About The Parmesan Waffle Fries

The new Tommy location in the West Island has an exclusive boozy tapas menu!🍹

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Two women eating at a Montreal restaurant, right: fries on a plate.

Two women eating at a Montreal restaurant, right: fries on a plate.

There's officially a reason to venture all the way to Montreal's West Island: to try the new Tommy Café.

This one isn't quite like the other Tommy Cafés you know. Instead, it's got an exclusive boozy tapas menu that you can't find at any of the other locations.

So you can go to sit and have dinner with all kinds of plates to share with your people or go solo and get yourself an alcoholic drink if life's really been testing you lately. Don't worry, no judgement here.

I got the chance to taste some of the new spot's tapas dishes and let me tell you, they did not disappoint.

To start off, I had the Hawaii sangria, which tasted like a proper summer's day.

Then, there was the whipped Lebneh — perfect for people who love Mediterranean flavours and are looking for a quick snack to start with.

I also tried the crispy cauliflower, ideal for my vegetarian homies out there, and the pan con tomate, which tastes the Spanish version of Italian cold pizza, aka extremely tasty.

Anyone who's into tartare will adore the avocado salmon tartare and for the meat-eaters out there, you've got the chorizo sliders.

My favourite dish was by far the parmesan waffle fries with truffle mayo. One, because I'm simply obsessed with potatoes and two, because the cooks made them to crispy perfection.

And even though I was beyond full after trying all the above-mentioned dishes, I still made sure to make room for the s'mores waffle, which tasted like sugary heaven.

Here's a look at Tommy West Island's tapas menu:

Courtesy of Tommy Café

This is an ideal spot for anyone who gets hungry easily or always ends up crazing a cheeky cocktail while shopping at Fairview Mall — or if you end up needing a little caffeine boost and you're in the area, you know where to go.

And of course, you don't need to be indulging in retail therapy to go spend some time hanging out at the beautifully decorated new Tommy Café! You can go simply because you feel like trying a new place.

Tommy Café West Island

Where: Fairview Mall food court entrance; 6801, Autoroute Trans-Canadienne, Pointe-Claire, QC

Why You Need To Go: To try all kinds of tasty plates — especially the parmesan waffle fries — with your favourite people.


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