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vaccine in quebec

The Montreal Holocaust Museum is asking anti-vaccine passport protesters to stop comparing Quebec's vaccination passport program to the yellow Stars of David that Jewish people were forced to wear during the Holocaust.

"Comparisons between vaccine passports and yellow Stars of David are offensive, inaccurate, and attempt to trivialize the painful history of the Holocaust," it stated in a tweet.

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In a press conference on August 5, Premier François Legault announced that Quebec will be introducing a vaccine passport for double-dosed Quebecers to use for non-essential activities.

The premier said Quebec Health Minister Christian Dubé will disclose details of the vaccine passport in Quebec in the coming days.

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On August 1, Health Minister Christian Dubé shared the most recent data for vaccination rates in Quebec, in which we see that the age group of 18-29 year-olds are the least likely to get vaccinated in the province.

This is demonstrated in the graph below by the red section, which represents the percentage of non-vaccinated people without an appointment for their first dose booked. For the 18-29 year-old population in Quebec, this number is 28%.

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