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Montreal Is Getting An All-Night Party With Bar Service Until 8 a.m. This Month

"This is a new chapter for Montreal nightlife."

​People dance in front of red laser projections.

People dance in front of red laser projections.

Montreal is keeping the party spirit — and a trial run of all-night nightlife — alive this winter with an extended dance event slated for late January.

Club Soda will host 'Nuit ÆX' without the constraints of a 3 a.m. closing time or limited liquor license. In fact, the party has gotten special city approval to let the international headliners keep playing music, and for the bartenders to keep slinging drinks, until 8 a.m.

The January 21 show is part of an ongoing pilot project that's testing the effects, and ironing out the challenges, of allowing venues to remain open until the early hours of the morning.

"This is not just a party with an extended alcohol permit. This is a new chapter in Montreal nightlife," reads the event description.

Projection mapping collective MAPP MTL joined forces with Shift Radio, Homegrown Harvest, Transmission MTL and MUTEK, to bring Montrealers a full 10 hours of audiovisual programming, including mesmerizing projection mapping to accompany DJ sets by Danny Daze, Martyn, Data Plan, Zi ! and Odile Myrtil. There will also be VJing, or live visual projections, by artists Cloud Canopy, Space Graft, VJ Batou and Aude Guivarc'h.

Tickets are available online, starting at $33 for general admission. Those who are able to pay more can donate a little extra to organizers by getting the $55 option.

Nuit ÆX kicks off a year chock-full of city-sanctioned all-night events, so get your dancing shoes ready.

Nuit ÆX

When: January 21, 2023

Where: Club Soda, 1225, boul. St-Laurent

Cost: $33+ for general admission


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