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Montreal Is Raising Property Taxes & Increasing The SPVM Budget

Here are other highlights from Montreal's latest budget.

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Montreal police officers observe a crowd.

Montreal police officers observe a crowd.

Montreal's latest budget was released on November 29, revealing the city's priorities and providing further funding to sectors deemed in need, including the environment and the police force. Among other changes, the city budget includes an increase in property taxes: by 4.1% on average for residential buildings and 2.9% on average for non-residential properties. The budget report notes that these figures "remain below the anticipated level of inflation for 2023."

The city is also increasing funding to the Montreal police (SPVM), in a move supposedly intended to improve safety throughout Montreal. The SPVM will receive an additional $63.2 million in 2023, resulting in a total yearly budget of $787.1 million for next year. The majority of this money comes from the provincial government, which allocated $225 million over five years to supplement the city's own funds.

The city will use part of that increased police funding to hire 270 new officers.

The SPVM's new annual budget is approximately 1.6 times the cost of the city's newest, "unprecedented" 10-year $480 million investment into affordable housing.

This $480 million will go towards buying buildings and land to establish additional affordable housing in the city.

Montreal is also enacting a $507.1 million ten-year plan to improve the city's cycling access.

In another attempt to improve the city's road safety, Montreal plans to increase funding for its "Vision Zero" strategy by $50 million by 2032, for a total of $157.6 million — just under 1/5 of the SPVM's 2023 budget. The strategy seeks to achieve zero deaths and serious injuries on the road by 2040. This investment will be focused around "securing the areas around schools, daycares, hospitals and homes for older citizens."

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    Willa Holt
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