Montreal Unveiled 13 Streets Being Pedestrianized This Summer

Another summer with more room for pedestrians!
Montreal Unveiled 13 Streets Being Pedestrianized This Summer

In an April 14 executive committee meeting, Mayor Valérie Plante confirmed that the City of Montreal would be investing $3.8 million to once again create, either partially or fully, pedestrian streets across Montreal for the summer.

The mayor announced 13 new projects to be unveiled across some of the city's 19 boroughs containing strips with shops, bars and restaurants.

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Plante said the City made a call to local business development associations (sociétés de développement commercial) for the pedestrianization projects this year.

"The boroughs saw last year’s numbers that showed that despite some failures [...] it was very profitable for shop owners [...] and for restaurants and bars, it was a way for them to make money," she said.

The mayor listed the 13 streets to be pedestrianized as follows:

  • avenue du Mont-Royal between boulevard Saint-Laurent and rue Fullum
  • avenue Duluth on weekends between boulevard Saint-Laurent and rue Saint-Denis
  • boulevard Saint-Laurent from rue Sherbrooke to avenue du Mont-Royal with one lane for traffic
  • rue Ontario between rue Nicolet and boulevard Pie IX
  • rue Bernard with three different sections of pedestrian strips
  • Place du Marché-du-Nord (Jean-Talon Market)
  • rue Masson from 2e avenue to boulevard Saint-Michel
  • rue Wellington from 6e avenue to rue Regina
  • rue de Castelnau from rue Saint-Denis to avenue de Gaspé
  • rue Saint-Denis (Quartier Latin) from rue Sherbrooke to boulevard de Maisonneuve (including rue Émery)
  • the LGBTQ2+ village (rue Sainte-Catherine E.)
  • rue Crescent from 1201, rue Crescent to boulevard Maisonneuve
  • and rue Sainte-Catherine O. on weekends between rue Metcalfe and rue Guy.