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Montreal Weather Predictions Show A Major Storm With Potential For 'Significant Snowfall'

This again? And on the weekend? ❄️

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Montreal weather forecast shows a snowstorm on its way

Montreal weather forecast shows a snowstorm on its way

Has the relatively warm-ish Montreal weather lately got you feeling like spring is on its way? Guess again! Mother Nature has other plans and they involve thrusting Quebecers back into the depths of winter this weekend with another major snowstorm.

Environment Canada issued a special weather statement on Wednesday warning of a "major weather system" that it predicts will blow in from Texas, reaching Southern Quebec and Eastern Quebec on Saturday.

"It has the potential to bring significant snowfall amounts, strong to high winds and visibilities reduced to zero in snow and blowing snow," Environment Canada says.

In particular, the Châteauguay - La Prairie area, the Laval area, the Longueuil - Varennes area and the Montreal island area are expected to be impacted.

"Be prepared for changing and rapidly deteriorating driving conditions. Road closures are possible," the weather alert says.

In terms of temperature, the Montreal forecast predicts a high of zero degrees on Saturday and a low of minus 11. Sunday is expected to be sunny, reaching a high of minus 5 degrees and a low of minus 6.

There are still some things Environment Canada says it isn't sure about, such as the "exact track of the low pressure system" so it can't yet fully predict the precipitation types or the amount of precipitation we should expect.

Regardless, you may want to avoid setting up definitive weekend plans if they involve leaving the house.

The spring equinox is taking place on March 20 this year, which means it'll officially be spring in less than two weeks. Whether or not Mother Nature chooses to get on board remains to be seen.

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