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Montreal Weather In July Is (Finally) Getting Hot AF & Here's How To Cope

Remember to drink lots of water. 💧

Kids cooling off in the water fountains of the Place des Arts Esplanade during a hot day

Kids cooling off in the water fountains of the Place des Arts Esplanade during a hot day

You can expect high temperatures above seasonal standards in the coming days. You will probably feel very sweaty until Thursday, July 21, with Tuesday reaching a forecasted high of 29 degrees C, as reported by The Weather Network.

The risk of thunderstorms on Wednesday and Thursday will make temperatures feel like a burning hot 38 and 37. This weekend, temperatures will drop again, moving closer to seasonal standards.

High temperatures will persist until the first week of August, so Montrealers can get the heat they deserve at last. "If you live in the south of Quebec province, the best time to take leave for your vacation is from July 10 until August 20," Jean-Phillipe Bégin, a meteorologist at Environment Canada, told MTL Blog.

The heat and humidity will bring a tropical vibe to our lovely month of July, but it's nothing exceptional in comparison to previous years. "It's about time!" Bégin said. "June was deceiving, with only one day above 30 degrees C. July will be hotter from now, but this month won't make history for being one of the hottest. The heat was late this year."

Montrealers may have had to deal with a heat wave from May 12 to 14, but it wasn't very humid in comparison to what we're experiencing right now. Bégin confirms that the temperatures preceding and following the May heat wave were quite low, so it didn't have a big impact.

In our current case, the expert warns people about the lasting humidity and the cumulative side effects it can have on their bodies. With a Humidex index between 35 and 40 for the next three days, Bégin advises people to drink more water than usual, even before feeling thirsty. He also recommends taking breaks in the shade when possible, or inside where you have air conditioning.

"Just one hour out of the sunlight can make a difference. Your body will thank you."

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