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Montreal Weather This Weekend Is Going To Be HOT As The Humidex Could Reach Up To 43

How will you be staying cool? ☀️

Montreal skyline in the summertime.

Montreal skyline in the summertime.

Montreal weather delivered a combination of rain, thunderstorms and tornadoes in July, and it seems as if the wild weather conditions will continue with a vengeance this weekend as Sunday's humidex is expected to reach 43.

According to The Weather Network, Friday is expected to reach a high of 27 C, with the humidex taking things up to 34. Even though this is typical peak summer weather for Montreal, what's to come on Saturday and Sunday is more than what most of us are used to.

Saturday's weather is expected to be "mainly sunny" with a high of 30 degrees. However, stepping outside will "feel like" 39 thanks to our good friend, humidity.

The Weather Network is calling for another "mainly sunny" Sunday and even more... you guessed it, humidity.

Sunday's high is currently set at 33 C, with the humidity index at 43. Mhm, you read that right. 43.

Environment Canada is anticipating showers for Sunday evening, the cherry on top of an already chaotic weather day.

Although these weather conditions are ideal for some Montrealers, high heat and humid days can pose a serious risk to children, the elderly and those with chronic illnesses.

"Rising temperatures nationwide increase the risk of heat-related illnesses amongst our populations," Health Canada states. "During extreme heat events, the most important thing is to keep cool and stay hydrated. Symptoms of heat exhaustion can include dizziness or fainting, nausea, headaches, and extreme thirst."

While you might be inclined to enjoy a lot of fun in the sun, it's best to do with a little caution this weekend.

Luckily, temps are expected to drop shortly after the weekend. Environment Canada is predicting a high of 24 C for Monday, August 8, with a high of 25 C for August 9.

Stay safe, Montreal.

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