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Quebec's Summer Weather Forecast Is Out & Things Could Get Exceptionally Gross

Here's what MétéoMédia predicts for the season ahead.

Montreal skyline and Habitat 67 as seen from the Saint Lawrence River.

Montreal skyline and Habitat 67 as seen from the Saint Lawrence River.

MétéoMédia has three words to describe Quebec weather in the months ahead: "unique, unsettled and sticky." According to the site's latest seasonal forecast, Quebecers are in for a hot, humid and potentially stormy summer.

But though it will be the record fifth summer in a row that MétéoMédia categorizes as "hot" — thanks in part, it says, to a persistent La Niña distorting normal weather patterns across the continent — it projects Quebec will escape the worst of the heat in North America. MétéoMédia forecasts a "dome of warm air" will just park itself in the middle of the United States, sparing the east.

But it seems we're trading intense heat for humidity, which, the site suggests, could be especially unpleasant come nightfall.

"Nights are likely to be uncomfortable with the presence of humidity and clouds that will prevent temperatures from dropping," MétéoMédia Chief Meteorologist André Monette states in the report.

Next, throw in some storms.

That U.S. warm air dome could haunt us after all, teaming up with cold air from the Hudson Bay to bring more precipitation and thunderstorms to the province, according to Monette.

So summer 2022 in sum: poor sleep and hotter than normal with only periods of rain and storms offering some respite. Fun.

Summer in the rest of Canada looks like it'll be a mixed bag. MétéoMédia says the Prairies will be "hot and dry;" British Columbia will see cool weather into June followed by simiarly hot, dry conditions; and the East Coast is in for a humid season broken up by "occasional cold fronts" and storms.

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