The Quebec Weather Forecast For August Is Out & It's A Little All Over The Place

Mother Nature may seem a bit indecisive next month.

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Montreal Old Port in the summer. Right: Thunderstorm taking over Montreal skyline.

Montreal Old Port in the summer. Right: Thunderstorm taking over Montreal skyline.

The Quebec weather forecast for August is looking a little wishy-washy with a good mix of... well, just about everything.

While July gave us some hot and humid days, a few thundershowers and lots of rain, August looks a little drier.

The Farmer's Almanac released its August weather predictions for the Quebec region, stating that the first few days of the month will be met with some rain and thunderstorms, followed by "fair weather."

From August 4 to 7, Quebecers can expect weather conditions to turn "unsettled" and "wet" as showers take over. However, the rain won't last for too long.

As the second week of August arrives, conditions will become "fair" again. However, expect some wind throughout the province.

Although Mother Nature should give us a quick break from the rain, the Farmer's Almanac says "hit-and-miss locally strong thunderstorms" are set to reach the Quebec region between August 12 and 15.

If the news of rain, thunderstorms and more rain is putting a damper on your day, then the "pleasant spell of weather" expected between August 16 and 19, should put you in a better mood (hopefully).

As the final two weeks of the month commence, Quebec is set to experience a teeny-tiny bit of rain before "fair skies return."

The weather will continue to look up toward the end of the month. However, the Farmer's Almanac is predicting one last thunderstorm before "fair weather" sends us into September.

So, with a few rainy days, thundershowers and fair weather, August is looking like what's becoming a typical Quebec summer month. Maybe a little less rain would be nice, but we'll take what we can get at this point.

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