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Quebec's Daily New COVID-19 Case Count Is The Lowest It's Been Since October

Premier Legault said restrictions are "working."
Quebec's Daily New COVID-19 Case Count Is The Lowest It's Been Since October

The number of daily new COVID-19 cases in Quebec is the lowest it's been since October .

The province reported 826 new cases of COVID-19 on February 8, a slight decrease from the 853 cases reported the day before.

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89% of received vaccine doses have been administered in Quebec

In a press conference on February 9, Premier François Legault said it means "our measures are working."

Quebec's COVID-19 hospitalizations are also lower than they have been in recent months.

The province recorded a decrease of 29 COVID-19 hospital patients on February 8, for a total of 940 patients currently in-hospital with COVID-19.

The data also shows 32 new COVID-19-related deaths in Quebec on February 8. Five occurred in the 24 hours prior to Monday, 22 occurred between February 2 and 7, four occurred before February 2 and one occurred at an unknown date.

Montreal reported 381 new cases on February 8.

Laval reported 67 new cases on February 8, while the Montérégie region reported 126.

Quebec administered 2,816 doses of COVID-19 vaccines on February 8. Of the 294,825 doses the province has received to date, a total of 262,594 have been administered.

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