Zellers Is Making A Comeback In Canada — But It'll Be A Bit Different This Time

Get ready for some nostalgia and sweet deals.

MTL Blog, Staff Writer
​The Zellers logo on a storefront.

The Zellers logo on a storefront.

Hudson's Bay is restoring Zellers to its former glory… kind of. Early next year, the retailer is set to launch a Zellers e-commerce site as well as brick-and-mortar locations within The Bay department stores in major cities across the country.

The approach will follow The Bay's own digital-first sales model.

The company says that the relaunched Zellers will tap into the nostalgia of the Canadian brand, and we can only hope it will tap into the savings associated with the discount chain too, at a time when the cost of living is rising and inflation remains high.

Early offerings will span home décor, furniture, small appliances, toys and pet accessories, as well as introduce "design-led, value-driven" items under a private Zellers label. Stock will expand over the course of the year to eventually include apparel.


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"Zellers is a brand deeply rooted in the Canadian experience. Spanning generations, people hold distinct connections to Zellers through shared experiences with family and friends, and we look forward to building on that in the future," said Adam Powell, Zellers' Chief Business Officer, in a news release.

"'Where the lowest price is the law' was a calling card, which has helped Zellers establish itself as more than a retail destination, but a place to build and support community," he said.

Most Zellers locations — which saw their heyday in the 90s — closed about a decade ago when Walmart became the go-to discount brand in Canada. But in recent years, Hudson's Bay brought it back through a couple of pop-up stores at Galeries d'Anjou and in Ontario.

The retailer has yet to share when Zellers items will be available to shop in-store in Quebec, or whether any will have the Zeddy wheel or the iconic restaurant.

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