No, You Won’t Need A Vaccine Passport To Vote In Montreal

MTL Blog has confirmed with Elections Canada that no, you won't need to show your vaccine passport to vote in Montreal.

"Voters are not required to have their vaccine passport to vote," the agency's media relations confirmed. Polling stations are also not on the Government of Quebec's list of places that require the passport.

But of course, there will be several COVID-19 regulations in force by Elections Canada at your local polling station.

Everyone, from voters to candidates, must wear a mask when going to vote at a polling station. The agency says it will provide a mask if you forget to bring one.

Physical distancing will be enforced as well.

If you cannot wear a mask for health reasons or refuse to wear one, Elections Canada encourages you to vote by mail.

This is crucial because if you show up without a mask and make a fuss about wearing one, you won't be allowed to vote.

"Individuals who refuse to wear a mask where masks are required will be refused entry to the polling station," confirmed Elections Canada.