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Quebecers Can Get COVID-19 Vaccines At La Ronde This Weekend — Yes, Really

Get your dose before boarding the Vertigo!

Quebecers Can Get Vaccinated At La Ronde

Quebecers can receive a dose of a COVID-19 vaccine in Montreal at La Ronde this weekend.

Public health tweeted that from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on July 30 and 31, a mobile vaccination clinic will be set up outside the entrance to the amusement park for those who want a first or second dose.

While the CIUSSS hasn't released official advice on whether to get vaxxed right before boarding the Vertigo, the World Health Organization says that "most reactions to [COVID-19] vaccines are mild and go away within a few days on their own."

The province is continuing its campaign encouraging Quebec youth to get vaccinated, as the 18-29 age group has seen the lowest vaccination rates of any adult age group in Quebec.

As of July 28, 71,846 Montrealers in the 18-29 age group hadn't received a dose of a COVID-19 vaccine, compared to 66,656 Montrealers in the 30 to 39 age group — the second-lowest vaccination rate of any adult age group.

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