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Quebec Reported One Of Its Highest Ever Numbers Of New COVID-19 Cases

The province recorded 1,107 new cases overnight.
Quebec Reported One Of Its Highest Ever Numbers Of New COVID-19 Cases

Provincial data reached a near-record high for COVID-19 numbers on October 3, showing the second-highest number of new coronavirus cases in Quebec since the start of the pandemic.

The province recorded 1,107 new positive cases on Saturday. It's one of the highest recorded numbers to date, second only to 1,110 new cases on May 1 (barring a computer error that added extra cases to the system May 5).

Montreal reported 411 new cases on October 2, for a total of 34,823. 

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77,380 Total COVID-19 cases in Quebec

There were 24 new hospitalizations in the province, for a total of 326 patients in hospital as of October 2. There were 11 new intensive care patients with the coronavirus, for a total of 60 ICU patients in the province. 

One more person has died from the virus, with seven people having died between September 26 and October 1, according to provincial data. 

Two more deaths were recorded at an unknown date, for a total of 5,867 deaths in the province.

Those aged 20-29 remain the group with the highest proportion of coronavirus cases in the province at 16.2 percent of total cases. This amounts to approximately 12,535 cases in the age group.

Laval saw 86 new cases overnight, for a total of 7,411 in the region.

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