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The Montreal West Island Just Got Its First Simons

It's 91,000 square feet.

The new Simons in the Fairview Pointe Claire shopping mall.

The new Simons in the Fairview Pointe Claire shopping mall.

A flashy new Simons just opened at the CF Fairview Pointe Claire shopping centre in the Montreal West Island. The 91,000-square-foot location — with 74,000 square feet of retail space — is the department store's 16th in Canada overall and 10th in Quebec.

The Pointe-Claire Simons is architecturally distinct, featuring a striking two-storey green-tiled entrance, as well as artwork throughout the store. What the company describes as a "monumental" collection of cloud sculptures by artist Brendan Tang hangs in one of the lobbies.

With its opening, Simons is betting on brick-and-mortar in an increasingly virtual world.

Fairview Pointe Claire Simons.Fairview Pointe Claire Simons.La Maison Simons

In a press release, CEO and President Bernard Leblanc said he sees consumers as entering a kind of "hybrid mode" in terms of what they're looking for from a shopping experience.

"While online shopping has grown tremendously in recent years, the resurgence of in-store sales is a clear indication that consumers want to enjoy a hybrid shopping experience and the in-store experience remains essential," he said.

"That is why we are confident we made the right choice in opening this new location."

The addition of Simons is the latest change to the Fairview Pointe Claire. Last year, the mall unveiled a renovated food court, pitched as a new "upscale space with an open concept contemporary design."

The Fairview will also benefit from the forthcoming Réseau express métropolitain (REM) light-rail network, which is opening a station adjacent to the mall at the intersection of avenue Fairview and Highway 40.

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