The Top Floors Of Montreal's Place Ville-Marie Will Soon Serve Fine Dining With A View

Restaurants will replace the former observatory.

MTL Blog, Associate Editor
Place Ville-Marie towers over the SunLife Building.

Place Ville-Marie towers over the SunLife Building.

Montreal's Place Ville-Marie is set to elevate the local restaurant scene. This summer, the former PVM observatory will be transformed into two establishments, offering diners a dash of luxury and a pinch of altitude.

The revamped top floors promise a buffet of attractions for downtown workers, tourists and the general public throughout the day and night.

Hiatus, situated on the 45th and 46th floors will offer a cozy café during the day, turning into a chic wine bar after sundown. The upper floor will feature a restaurant and three private rooms, creating a versatile event space.

The 44th floor will introduce the Rose Orange terrace, an elegant outdoor area adjacent to Les Enfants Terribles, looking to attract visitors at all hours.

The sky-high developments are part of Nouveau Centre, a project by developer Ivanhoé Cambridge. The group behind The Ring is hoping to revitalize downtown Montreal with new attractions in the city centre.

The project will blend key properties from the reopening Art Deco eatery on the top floor of the Eaton Centre and Fairmont Queen Elizabeth to the Place Montreal Trust and PVM, offering gourmet destinations that will make the city's skyline not just a feast for the eyes, but the stomach too.

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Sofia Misenheimer
MTL Blog, Associate Editor
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