This Montreal Chef's Irresistible Italian Donuts Are Stuffed With Mouthwatering Flavours

Chef Tony describes himself as the "OG Of Bomboloni."
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This Montreal Chef's Irresistible Italian Donuts Are Stuffed With Mouthwatering Flavours

When it comes to desserts, we can all admit that Italians definitely know how to to do it right. And one Montreal chef truly proves that.

And the Italian version of a donut, a bomboloni, is hands-down one of the world's best creations.

Seriously, they're the bomb-oloni.

Chef Tony Rinaldi of Montreal is known as the OG IG of Bomboloni for his creations that are not only gorgeous but are incredibly tasty.

But how exactly does one become the OG? I got the chance to chat with Tony and his wife, Sandra, to find out exactly what it's like to be the bomboloni master of Montreal.

To place your order, you can email Chef Tony or send him a message on Instagram.

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Chef Tony is really the OG.

Like many artists, Chef Tony started out just making bombolonis for fun and giving them to his friends.

A restaurant-owner turned caterer, things had slowed down with the pandemic, so he decided to try something new.

He and his wife/"agent"/official bomboloni taste-tester, Sandra, would drive around town giving them to their friends.

And as I'm sure you can see by the pictures, they tasted incredible. So much so, that all of their friends would make comments like, "'OMG, are you joking?! you have to sell these!'" the duo told me.

Chef Tony also realized that no one in Montreal at the time was making the pastries on a large scale, "except for a few little restaurants here and there."

And thus, the OG IG of Bomboloni was born. 

The flavours are as fun to create as they are to taste.

One of the main things that's really caught people's eye is Chef Tony's creativity.

He has the classic flavours, like Nutella, limoncello, pastry cream and pistachio.

And he also has two flavours of the month to bring in a bit of creativity and flair.

November's flavours are PB&J (with homemade jam) and Bombo-Misu (tiramisu).

"They're pretty much stuffable with anything. That's the good thing about them."

Each flavour also gets its own garnish and topping, "like a special touch," he calls it, that perfectly captures the mini work of art.

As for the photos, yep, Chef Tony takes them, himself because the passion and creativity don't stop in the kitchen.

"The picture is as important as the actual donut," Linda says. 

It's all about the quality.

Since May, it's really been about perfecting the recipe and the craft.

Chef Tony told me that he's taken inspiration from family recipes, a lot of research and a bunch of trials.

And, yes, a lot of taste tests.

For him, it's all about the quality.

So much so, that he would actually rather cap off his orders to make sure that everything is absolutely perfect.

To the point where he'll even wake up at 1 a.m. to make sure that he's able to give the pastries the time that they need and to make sure that he's able to deliver on time.

"There's so much integrity, artistry and creativity in food and cooking. When you take a recipe that's existed for, I don't even know how long, you want to give it justice," Sandra says.

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