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This Montreal Christmas Village Has Free Concerts & An NYE Bash With ​Bran Van 3000

You can also pick out a tree in the Village, Plateau or Mile End with $5 home delivery.

​An outdoor show at Festival Noël dans le parc. Right: Someone holds a candle next to a Christmas tree.

An outdoor show at Festival Noël dans le parc. Right: Someone holds a candle next to a Christmas tree.

Montreal's Festival Noël dans le Parc wants to get you in the holiday spirit. You can dance under the stars (and festive string lights) in the Mile End, Plateau and Village, until the end of the year at dozens of free outdoor concerts through December 31. You can also pick out a Christmas tree and have it delivered to your home for an extra $5.

Programming is split across Parc Lahaie and Parc des Compagnons-de-Saint-Laurent with most events scheduled for Place Émilie-Gamelin. The festival culminates in a New Year's Eve bash headlined by Bran Van 3000 and Les Frères à Ch’val.

This year marks the longest run for Festival Noël dans le Parc, which will have shows for all ages during the day and musical events at night.

"Every weekend in December, and even a few days during the week, Quebecers are invited to come and have a Christmas experience in the park," said festival director Alan Gingras.

On various dates during the month, Place Émilie-Gamelin will host special shows with Radio Radio, Clodelle, Smashers, Rouge Pompier, Maxime Landry, Laurence Nerbonne and The Lost Fingers, among others. Emerging artists like Marilyne Léonard, Léonie Gray, Emmanuelle Querry and Marco Ema will also grace the lineup.

For younger festivalers (or those with a young heart), the "real" Santa Claus will grace Place Émilie-Gamelin with its visit on December 10, 17 and 31.

Between acts, Montrealers can order a Christmas tree through the festival, or place an order online. For those living near the festival sites, a tree can even be delivered to your door for $5. You can pick the date and time that it's dropped off. Four-foot trees start at $44 and range up to $88 for eight-foot firs. Natural wreaths start at $30 and tree stands ($25) are also available.

There's no reservation needed, just look at the schedule here to pick your preferred show.

Festival Noël dans le Parc

When: From December 3 to December 31

Where: Multiples locations

  • Place Émilie-Gamelin, 1500, rue Berri (Village)
  • Parc Lahaie, 4921, boulevard Saint-Laurent (Mile End)
  • Parc des Compagnons, 4375, rue Cartier


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