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This Montreal Company Has An Unlimited Time Off Policy & They're Hiring

GSoft is hiring over 25 positions with some pretty nice perks.

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This Montreal Company Has An Unlimited Time Off Policy & They're Hiring

The job search isn't always a fun process, but when you stumble across a pretty stellar company that's recruiting, then things can start to get interesting. Well, after making the Media Corp list of best Montreal employers, GSoft is not only proving themselves with their unlimited time off policy, but they're also hiring.

GSoft is located in the Pointe-Saint-Charles borough of Montreal and as stated on their Instagram, is an "independent software company behind a family of products that make work easier, more human and more efficient."

The digital tech company is currently looking to fill 25 positions and counting, which include but are not limited to:

  • Onboarding Specialist
  • Product Designer
  • Product Manager
  • Talent Acquisition Advisor
  • Software Development Manager
  • Technical Support Agent
  • Data Analyst
  • Back End Developer

The best part of it all? GSoft offers its employees a wide variety of perks and benefits. Heck yeah!

The Montreal company offers employees collective insurance, RRSP contributions, financial support for new parents, yearly bonuses, internet reimbursement up to $60, and a health expenditure account for expenses up to $1,000 per year.

The most captivating benefit is GSoft's time off policy. The company offers unlimited time off for its employees, stating "the vacation policy is quite flexible at GSoft. But there is this given: you take time off when you need it. We're all adults here, and as long as we share out plans with our team, and our responsibilities are taken care of, it's a go" their website says.

"What’s most important is maintaining the right balance," GSoft stated. This includes the opportunity to work from wherever you want in the world. While you can work from anywhere in Canada, employees can also work up to 150 days outside of the country over a 12 month period.

Still not enough? GSoft also offers employees fully stocked co-working offices, food services, including ready-to-eat or ready-to-cook meals for its office employees, or delivery to your door for those who work from home. There's a reason they made Media Corp's list of Top 100 Employers of 2022!

In addition to their health expenditure, GSoft offers a one-time tech and office allocation of $1,500 to help you get settled in.

If this sounds like a company you want to work for and it falls within your line of work or studies, then apply here.

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    Mike Chaar
    Assistant Editor, MTL Blog
    Mike Chaar is an Assistant Editor for MTL Blog focused on recalls in Canada and is based in Montreal, Quebec.
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