These Are The Companies Quebecers Like (& Trust) The Most

Some of the numbers kind of slipped this year, though.

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Google Montréal sign. Right: A performer holding a strawberry looks surprised as another kisses their hand.

Google Montréal sign. Right: A performer holding a strawberry looks surprised as another kisses their hand.

In the cutthroat business world, reputation is king — and some Quebec companies reign supreme when it comes to building customer loyalty.

Leger's 2023 Reputation Study has crowned the top 10 most reputable companies in the province. From retail royalty such as Canadian Tire and Dollarama to tech titans such as Samsung and Microsoft, these companies have achieved a level of trust that's hard to match.

The survey of over 17,000 Quebecers, covering almost 400 companies across 35 sectors found Google topped the list with a score of 88 out of 100. The company has captured the imagination of Quebecers with a growing presence in Montreal's AI research scene.

Jean Coutu follows closely with a score of 82, while Canadian Tire, YouTube, Cirque du Soleil and Sony also placed in the top ten with scores ranging from 75 to 77.

In contrast, TikTok, Bell and Twitter took some of the lowest spots in the survey.

Over a third of Quebecers (36%) reported opting out of purchasing a product or service in the past year due to a company's poor reputation, while a whopping 66% said they're willing to fork out extra cash if a business is highly reputable.

Still, Leger notes that the latest results show an average score shift of –2 compared to the previous year, likely related to rising costs from inflation.

Here's the breakdown of Quebec's top trusted companies:

1. Google (88)
2. Jean Coutu (82)
3. Interac (78)
4. Sony (78)
5. Dollarama (77)
6. Canadian Tire (77)
7. YouTube (77)
8. Microsoft (75)
9. Cirque du Soleil (75)
10. Samsung (74)

And here are the least-trusted companies:
367. Kinder Morgan (-1)
368. Syncrude ( -1)
369. Emera (-1)
370. Enbridge (-2)
371. Statoil (-3)
372. Craigslist (-4)
373. TikTok (-7)
374. Bell (-11)
375. Twitter (-12)
376. SNC-Lavalin (-16) 377. Huawei (-27)
Sofia Misenheimer
MTL Blog, Associate Editor
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