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This $1.2M Trois-Rivières Home Has A Walk-In Closet Schmancier Than Your Montreal Studio

You'll feel just like Carrie Bradshaw!

This $1.2 Million House In Trois Rivières Has A Walk-In Closet That Will Make Your Jaw Drop

When Carrie Bradshaw asked Big for a closet instead of an engagement ring, it's safe to say she made the right decision. Well, you can live out your Sex And The City dreams with this $1.18 million luxury home located in Trois-Rivières that has a walk-in closet that is sure to knock your socks off – and provide you with ample space to store them.

The Hamptons-inspired home was built in 1942 and is situated on 128,521 square feet of land with stunning views of the Saint Lawrence River. However, it's the closet that is truly the selling point.

Olivier St-Pierre | RE/MAX

The all-white walk-in with built-in shelving can serve as a his and hers, or just yours if you're that fancy — where your wardrobe can be on display the way it was intended.

With an area dedicated specifically for shoes, accessory drawers, and enough space to fit as many bags as you wish, you'll never want to leave (and we don't blame you).

Olivier St-Pierre | RE/MAX

Measuring in at 5'10" by 7'11", the walk-in closet is sure to meet your garment needs, and with built-in lighting, a hanging chandelier, and wooden ceiling beams, it'll be as if you've got your own in-house boutique.

As if the closet wasn't grand enough, the property has four bedrooms and three and a half baths with an open concept kitchen that you can enjoy all your delish meals in — not to mention the wine wall. Yes, wine wall.

Olivier St-Pierre | RE/MAX

In the summer months, you can enjoy the in-ground pool and various outdoor seating areas, including an exterior cooking space and a gas fireplace, making it the perfect spot for some much needed rest and relaxation. And during the winter, if you wanna warm up from the cold, take a dip in the hot tub.

Olivier St-Pierre | RE/MAX

The property is big enough to hold six cars (four in the driveway and two in the heated garage). However, with everything you'd need — and then some — found across the estate, you'd never really need to drive anywhere anyway. Talk about living the holiday lifestyle all year round.

Luxury Home In Trois Rivières

Olivier St-Pierre | RE/MAX

Price: $1,189,000

Address: 9421, rue Notre-Dame O., Trois-Rivières, QC.

Description: Located only 90 minutes from the hustle and bustle of Montreal, this property offers owners a year-round vacation feel. Outside, there's an inground pool, hot tub, outdoor kitchen and access to the waterfront.

The home features an open concept kitchen, four bedrooms, three baths and charming living spaces. However, the ultimate attraction remains the stunning walk-in closet that will have you living out your fashionista dreams.


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