5 Household Items Sold Across Canada Have Been Recalled Due To Injury, Fire & Asphyxiation Hazards

"Immediately stop using the recalled products."

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The cleaning product aisle at a grocery store. Right: A backpack with a smartphone and portable battery pack.

The cleaning product aisle at a grocery store Right: A backpack with a smartphone and portable battery pack.

Health Canada has issued a number of recall warnings regarding several household items sold across the country, many of which are due to asphyxiation, fire and injury hazards that pose a serious risk to the health and safety of Canadian consumers.

The federal health department is urging Canadians to check whether they are in possession of any of the affected products. If so, it's recommended to immediately stop using the recalled items, and in some cases, return to the point of purchase for an exchange or a full refund.

Here are the five recalled products to look out for:

Old English Lemon Oil Polish

Recalled Item: Old English Lemon Oil Liquid Polish | 235 mL

Recall Reason: According to the recall report "the recalled product does not meet the labelling requirements of the Consumer Chemicals and Containers Regulation."

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Great Pretenders Jewel Necklace

Recalled Item: Great Pretenders Assorted Boutique Butterfly Jewel Necklace | Model # 90422

Recall Reason: "Testing by Creative Education of Canada Inc has determined that the recalled jewellery contains cadmium in excess of allowable limits," Health Canada wrote.

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Flo Battery Backup

Recalled Item: Flo Smart Water Monitor Lithium-Ion Battery Backup (“Battery Backup”)

Recall Reason: According to Health Canada "the product may fail by overheating, posing a fire risk."

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Audiovisual Carts by Luxor Workspaces

Recalled Items:

  • Heavy-duty plastic, sold under the brand name “Luxor”
  • Metal audiovisual cart
  • Metal audiovisual cart, sold under the brand name “Luxor,” “Luxor H. Wilson” or “Line Leader”
  • Plastic audiovisual cart, sold under the brand name “H. Wilson Tuffy Cart”

Recall Reason: "The audiovisual carts can become unstable when loaded with heavy objects such as heavy cathode-ray tube televisions (CRT TVs). Attempts by children to climb these audiovisual carts when loaded with CRT TVs may pose a tip-over hazard," the recall report says.

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LumaRail Bed Rails

Recalled Items:

  • LumaRail Bed Rails with Legs (model PHB4000)
  • Doublesafe Bed Assist Rail (model PHB7000D)

Recall Reason: "The LumaRail Bed Rails pose an entrapment and asphyxiation hazard," Health Canada indicated.

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