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Christian Dubé Warned Of Another COVID-19 Wave & Says We Need To Get Even More Vaxxed

If it's been five months since your last shot, time to get another.

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Dr. Luc Boileau and Minister Christian Dubé at a press conference.

Dr. Luc Boileau and Minister Christian Dubé at a press conference.

In his first press conference appearance in many weeks, Health Minister Christian Dubé firmly recommended that Quebecers get up-to-date vaccinations as COVID-19 hospitalizations rise, again. The new bivalent Pfizer vaccine is just one of the options available, and Dubé, alongside Dr. Luc Boileau, confirmed that all available vaccines seem as effective as each other.

Although hospitalizations are high, Dubé emphasized that the growth in cases isn't exponential, and stated a goal of 200,000 vaccinations per week. Currently, the average is closer to 100,000, and that number hasn't reached Dubé's goal since last summer.

"It's really a question of personal responsibility," Dubé explained, saying that it's up to each individual to track their doses and infections and keep up to date on their vaccinations. For those whose last booster shot was five months ago or more, you're due for an updated vaccine. If you recovered from a case of COVID-19 three months ago or more, you're also ready for your next booster.

But what about masking? Dubé again left each person to their own decisions but encouraged Quebecers to "not hesitate" to wear a mask if they have COVID-19 symptoms. He made it clear that new restrictions aren't on the horizon for Quebec, even as cases increase. "Right now, we don't need any new measures," Dubé said, arguing that the priority should be vaccinations.

He hopes that tracking and keeping up with booster shots will become a regular part of life, rather than implementing vaccines only when COVID-19 is peaking. But ultimately, Dubé explained, "You know your own situation. This is in your hands."

Health Canada has a robust website with all the latest information on COVID-19 vaccines and can answer any questions you may have.

    Willa Holt
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