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Should You Get Another COVID-19 Booster Shot? Here's What You Need To Know

You might be able to guess the short answer.

A masked person walks near a COVID-19 protocols sign.

A masked person walks near a COVID-19 protocols sign.

We get it, alright? Everyone is sick (ha ha) of COVID-19, restrictions, masks, vaccinations and listening to at-risk people's concerns for their lives. But unfortunately, the pandemic hasn't relaxed along with our commitment to safe practices. In fact, it's been happily giving short and long COVID to Canadians, and one way officials say we can keep protecting ourselves — besides good hygiene — is by staying up to date on booster shots.

Should you get another COVID-19 booster shot?

On top of what the government calls a "primary vaccine" of two doses at least two months apart, it has also recommended up to two "booster" shots. That means that, as of November, many Quebec adults may have up to three or four shots in total, depending on their situation.

The government launched the first booster campaign in the winter of 2021-2022. A second booster campaign followed in late summer 2022 when Premier Legault emphasized the importance of building immunity before the beginning of the school year.

It's unclear if additional campaigns will follow. For now, officials are calling on the public to "stay up to date" on their vaccinations.

The vaccines readily available in Montreal are approved and effective, according to Health Canada.

When should you get your next booster shot?

It depends on when you last got sick or received a COVID-19 vaccine. For most people, the official recommendation is to get your booster five months after your last shot. If you've been sick with COVID-19, you should wait until three months after your sickness to get your next shot, the recommendation goes. Keep in mind that you should still maintain a five-month gap between doses of the vaccine, even if you get sick between doses, according to government recommendations.

For example, if you got your second shot and caught COVID-19 one month later, you'd still need to wait four more months to get your next shot.

Where can you get a booster shot in Montreal?

There are walk-in clinics across the island as well as places to go by appointment, all of which are listed on the official government website for COVID-19.

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