Élisabeth Rioux Revealed That Her Blainville Home Was Broken Into

Rioux described the event as "very scary."

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Élisabeth Rioux Instagram photos.

Élisabeth Rioux Instagram photos.

Élisabeth Rioux took to Instagram Stories on March 16, 2023, to share that her home in Blainville was broken into. The Hoaka swimwear designer has been renovating her home in the suburbs for months now, documenting the process on her social media and now Rioux is dealing with more than just contractors.

"Feeling safe to come back home after someone broke in this week," Rioux wrote in an IG Story of her and her daughter Wolfie in their grand living room.

Luckily, Rioux and her little one weren't home at the time. In fact, the duo were travelling across Hawaii during the home break-in. The social media influencer posted a series of Stories and posts to her Instagram feed over the course of their travels — clearly indicating that she was away from her home in Quebec.

Rioux didn't mention if anything was stolen or damaged, nor did she appear to be too visibly shaken by the break-in. In a separate IG Stories post, Rioux confirmed the news after seemingly receiving questions from her followers saying "Yes! Someone really did break in my house, very scary!"

The 26-year-old shared that she and her daughter don't spend too much at their home in Blainville, as they do travel often. Now, Rioux will likely be spending even less time on the North Shore after sharing her plans to move in with her boyfriend in Montreal.

The duo confirmed that they will be moving in together to test out whether city life is for them.

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