Élisabeth Rioux Dished On Whether She’s Living With Her Boyfriend

"We almost never go to my house…"

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Élisabeth Rioux and her daughter, Wolfie, Right: Élisabeth Rioux and her boyfriend, Justin.

Élisabeth Rioux and her daughter, Wolfie, Right: Élisabeth Rioux and her boyfriend, Justin.

Élisabeth Rioux accidentally confirmed that she was in a relationship last fall after weeks of fan speculation. Since then, the swimwear model and social media influencer has been an open book when it comes to her romance with her boyfriend, Justin.

On February 23, Rioux took to Instagram Stories for a Q&A where she finally set the record straight on whether she's living with her boyfriend or not. It turns out, she has been spending a lot of time at Justin's home in Montreal.

When one of her 1.5 million fans asked if she was living with Justin, Élisabeth confessed that she could technically say "yes," however, the duo aren't officially living under the same roof... yet.

"I still have my house, I just did some renovations that are almost done… but we've been here [in Justin's house] a lot because my boyfriend works in downtown Montreal, whereas I work in the suburbs and live in the suburbs and I'm five minutes from work," she explained.

Considering Élisabeth's boyfriend works in the city, it is easier for him to commute from his place to work than it is from Rioux's place in the 'burbs to downtown. So, Rioux explained that she and her daughter will often spend time at her boyfriend's place so he can avoid incessant Montreal traffic. Their setup is by no means a permanent one, however, as Rioux doesn't plan on selling her home anytime soon.

"We hardly ever go to my house and I'm like, 'I'm paying for nothing' this month, I think I've slept over like three times max, [...] but it is what it is. We take our time, like, I'm not going to sell my house tomorrow, just to let you know," she told her followers.

While the couple might not be living together for good just yet, they have discussed the possibility of having children together — making it clear the dynamic duo is going strong.

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