This Restaurant In Laval Has An Over 4 Pound Burger Made With An Ostrich Egg (VIDEO)

As they say: the bigger, the better.

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Allons Burger Has A 4 Pound Burger & It's Made With An Ostrich Egg

Do you ever get a burger craving and know right away that no normal size one will ever fulfill your massive craving? Well, there is a perfect place for you as this Laval restaurant makes a gigantic burger.

Located on Curée-Labelle Boulevard in Laval, Allons Burger has just released its Grand Chucky Burger, which is perfect for fast food lovers.

The monster meal consists of an ostrich egg, a huge meatball weighing some 4.4 pounds, lettuce, several slices of tomato and Swiss cheese, and a sauce to top it all off.

The menu is full of other mouth-watering dishes like the mac 'n' cheese served in a loaf of bread or the Chicken Waffle burger.

If ever you are game to try this giant burger with four or five friends, you will have to pay $110. However, if you manage to gobble up this behemoth on your own, the restaurant will give it to you for free, along with a shirt!

So, whether it's for a night out with your friends or for a food challenge, you know where to go.

Allons Burger

Address: 1205, boul. Curé-Labelle, Laval, QC

Why You Need To Go: To try its new "Grand Chucky Burger" or just one of its many normal-sized ones.


Alanna Moore
Contributing Writer