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12 Art Galleries In Montreal Every Local Needs To Check Out At Least Once In Their Life

Spend your day getting lost in artworks! 🎨

People looking through posters at a Montreal art gallery. Right: Wall of artworks at a Montreal art gallery.

People looking through posters at a Montreal art gallery. Right: Wall of artworks at a Montreal art gallery.


There's something so peaceful about spending a day wandering through an art gallery — one can't help but leave feeling inspired and rejuvenated, and thankfully Montreal is home to countless art hidden gems that are totally worth a visit.

In hopes of drawing attention to the lesser-known galleries in the city, we've compiled a list of Montreal art galleries that aren't your typical Montreal must-see museum choices. With so many art galleries across the 514 that you might not have heard of before, now is the perfect time to widen your Montreal art scene horizons.

Galerie 203

Address: 227, rue Notre-Dame O., Montreal, QC

Why You Should Visit: This colourful art gallery is a true hidden gem in Montreal. There are always different exhibitions and art styles and mediums hosted at the gallery, including paintings, photography, sculptures, and screen printing.

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Centre PHI

Address: 315, rue Saint-Paul O., Montreal, QC

Why You Should Visit: At Centre PHI, you can see all various different art forms in the same space, including screenings, concerts, art exhibits, and more. A trip to PHI is a whole experience in itself.



Address: 461, rue Saint Francois Xavier, Montreal, QC

Why You Should Visit: Known around town for being one of the few vintage poster galleries in the city, this is the perfect spot to get yourself some new artwork for your walls. "Classic collectables, new pieces by emerging artists, large and small… we have it all," the gallery's website promises.


La Guilde

Address: 1356, rue Sherbrooke O., Montreal, QC

Why You Should Visit: This stunning gallery has been around since 1906 and is "dedicated to the preservation, promotion and education of Inuit and First Nations art and craft in Canada," making it a must-see for both Canadians and tourists alike.


Bradley Ertaskiran

Address: 3550, rue Saint-Antoine O., Montreal, QC

Why You Should Visit: Bradley Ertaskiran is an ideal spot for contemporary art lovers to visit, as it always has unique artists' work on display, including their most recent installation by Erin Shirref, titled "Midday Dilemma".


L'Original Vernissage

Address: 4455, rue Saint-Denis, Montreal, QC

Why You Should Visit: Whether or not you're a fan of art, the concept behind L'Original Vernissage is bound to intrigue you. At its second location on rue Saint-Denis, you can discover works by local street artists and muralists, and if you're a major fan, you can get a one-of-a-kind custom piece of clothing made by the artist of your choice! You can even send in photos or sketches of what you'd like and your chosen artist will create your custom piece for you.

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Galerie FOFA

Address: 1515, rue Sainte-Catherine O. EV 1-715, Montreal, QC

Why You Should Visit: At the FOFA, you have the chance to see works by students in Concordia University's Faculty of Fine Arts on display. The gallery will be taking a break from June 23 to July 4, but will be back in action as of July 5!


Arsenal Art Contemporain Montreal

Address: 2020, rue William, Montreal, QC

Why You Should Visit: You can spend hours in this massive space walking through the different exhibitions. Plus, this art centre often houses unique immersive experiences like the Frida Kahlo: An Immersive Biographyexhibition and the Imagine Van Goghexhibition, so there's always something new and exciting to check out.


Galerie d'art Blanche

Address: 218, rue Saint-Paul O., Montreal, QC

Why You Should Visit: Canadian visual art is the foundation of Galerie d’art Blanche. At this gallery, you'll be able to admire unique works from artists from across the country. And it's only a short walk away from the Notre-Dame Basilica, in case you're in the mood to explore more of Montreal.


Station 16 Editions

Address: 500, rue Sauvé O suite 100, Montreal, QC

Why You Should Visit: Station 16 aims to challenge the "traditional white cube gallery space" in the Montreal art scene, so while there, you can discover a variety of limited edition pieces that are inspired by street art.


PETER w HART Gallery

Address: Marché Bonsecours; 367, rue Saint-Paul E., Montreal, QC

Why You Should Visit: If you've never seen Peter W. Hart's contemporary art pieces in person, then now is the perfect time to take in the vibrant vibes this art space offers. This colourful gallery is located in Marché Bonsecours, so it's an ideal spot to visit during your next walk around Old Montreal.


Gallery Gora

Address: 279, rue Sherbrooke O., Suite 205, Montreal, QC.

Why You Should Visit: Gallery Gora is a contemporary art gallery that specializes in design, painting, and photography. However, the gallery also hosts corporate, cultural, and wedding events — making it quite a multi-use space. Located right in the heart of downtown Montreal, you can take in the current exhibitions by So Youn Kim and Laurie Raskin hosted at the gallery.


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