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musee d art contemporain de montreal

Montreal is a melting pot of stories waiting to be told and experienced. In this city, a UNESCO-endorsed historic château stands alongside a space dedicated entirely to the captivating world of insects. There's a museum that explores Canada's Indigenous roots and others still that transport you to the avant-garde edge of contemporary art.

Here are eight standout Montreal museums that show the city is a cultural powerhouse:

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There's something so peaceful about spending a day wandering through an art gallery — one can't help but leave feeling inspired and rejuvenated, and thankfully Montreal is home to countless art hidden gems that are totally worth a visit.

In hopes of drawing attention to the lesser-known galleries in the city, we've compiled a list of Montreal art galleries that aren't your typical Montreal must-see museum choices. With so many art galleries across the 514 that you might not have heard of before, now is the perfect time to widen your Montreal art scene horizons.

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The weather may be getting colder by the second, but that doesn't mean there aren't still tons of free things to do in Montreal this month. From free classes to unique art exhibits and exciting festivals, October is sure to be action-packed.

There are also quite a few cool activities happening just outside of the city, which we've included in case you feel like venturing out of the 514 for a little bit.

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This weekend, Montreal has a huge variety of events -- from a student run Graffiti party to Berlin techno, and Les Nocturnes du Mac at the Contemporary Art Museum to Jazz & Illa. We, at MTL Blog Eventshope that you get out of the house to hit up these events even if you have exams around the corner or the weather isn't as Springy as you had hoped.

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