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9 Calming Things To Do In Montreal To Counteract 2022's Stressful Shenanigans

Hold's only February?!

9 Calming Things To Do In Montreal To Counteract 2022's Stressful Shenanigans
Winter in Montreal is tough enough as is, but this season has been... interesting to say the least. From major cold fronts, snowstorms, and a lot of uncertainty regarding COVID-19 restrictions, things have been, well...frustrating.

So to help you get out of your 2022 slump, here are some chilled out things to do in Montreal to help you cope with any shenanigans life has thrown your way.

Head Up Mount Royal

Why You Need To Go: An oldie, but a goodie. The very landmark after which our city was named is like its own little world with so many paths and nooks for you to discover. Bonus points if you take some hot chocolate for a stop to admire the view.

Catch A Winter Sunset

Why You Need To Go: When the setting sun catches the glistening snow, it really is quite magical — making it the perfect idea for a much-needed moment of awe. You can catch some stunning views of the Montreal sunset from Mont Royal, St. Joseph's Oratory, or Summit Circle, to name a few.

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Visit One Of Montreal's Many Parks

Why You Need To Go: Montreal is a city that's jam-packed with parks that are their own little piece of heaven among the hustle and bustle. Head to your favourite spot for a piece of comfort or venture to a lesser known spot to try something new. Whether you're looking for to enjoy a winter stroll, or skate your worries away at one of Montreal's many outdoor rinks, there's a lil something for everyone.

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Wander Through One Of Montreal's Many World-Class Museums

Why You Need To Go: Museums are a great place to to wander around and take in the exhibits with your own thoughts. Considering museums have remained opened during the plethora of Covid restrictions, you can escape the chaos with a trip to The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, McCord Museum, or Montreal Museum of Contemporary Arts. Plus learning something new is never a bad thing!

Go On An Oasis Immersion

Price: $25.00 for adults / $20.00 for students, seniors & kids.

Why You Need To Go: Montreal's new permanent immersive experience is the perfect place to zone out and let your senses take over. The museum has over 10 regenerative moments that'll leave you in utter amazement.


Walk Along The Canal

Why You Need To Go: Being on an island, you're never far from the water, which makes for a fantastic place to walk and clear your head.

Go On An Art Tour

Why You Need To Go: There's so much fantastic art all around the city with some fantastic tours to learn all about it. There are even tours through the metro stations and so many inspiring murals located all across the city that will definitely add some spice into your life.

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Discover A New Neighbourhood

Why You Need To Go: This city is filled with so many neighbourhoods and pockets you've probably never seen or even heard of before. Explore a new area to get that feeling of being in a totally new place and become a tourist in your own city for a day.

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Visit A Spa

Why You Need To Go: Spas are officially re-opening on February 14, so now is the perfect time to set up those reservations. There are lots of spas throughout the city that make for the perfect place to unwind and seriously relax. Whether you're eyeing Bota Bota, Strøm Nordic Spa, or Scandinave Spa in Old Montreal, now's the ideal time to get some of that much deserved R&R.

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