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Gas Prices In Montreal Could Go From Meteoric To More Middle-Of-The-Road Next Week

The price drop is expected to start on Sunday!

A Costco gas station.

A Costco gas station.

Gas prices in Montreal have been breaking records for weeks, hitting a new high of $2.24 per litre on Saturday. But motorists could catch a break for a few days next week. Price monitor Gas Wizard predicts gasoline will drop by three cents per litre on Sunday.

Dan McTeague of Gas Wizard predicts the drop should continue through Wednesday, which means you have a few days to fill up before fuel costs start to rise again.

CAA Quebec is also encouraging drivers to fill their tanks, indicating that even on Saturday the average price per litre in the province is under market value.

According to Gas Buddy, the cheapest gasoline in and around Montreal can be found at the Candiac Costco, where gas is going for $2.12 per litre. The Costco in Anjou is selling fuel at $2.14 per litre, putting it at a close second. Three gas stations in Kahnawake — the Harnois, Big Bear Trading Post and Central Station — are also reporting $2.14 per litre. The Canadian Tire on Wellington in Verdun is at $2.19 per litre, still five cents under the provincial average.

Of course, prices remain a long way off from the less than $1 per litre many paid during the pandemic before inflation raged in Quebec.

This time last year, gasoline cost around $1.31 per litre, according to CAA-National. That's a difference of 93 cents compared to the average cost per litre in Quebec on June 11. Experts predict the rise in gasoline prices will continue in the coming months.

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