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Here's The Montreal Weather Forecast For Osheaga Weekend

Don't forget your sunglasses 😎

People entering the Osheaga festival grounds in Parc Jean-Drapeau.

People entering the Osheaga festival grounds in Parc Jean-Drapeau.

As if we weren't excited enough already about the big return of the quintessential Montreal summer festival after two years of postponements and downsizing, it looks like you can expect hot air and sunny skies for the duration of Osheaga.

You will probably feel the heat kick in before reaching the main stage. Environment Canada forecasts a high of 28 C on Friday, July 29, and 26 C on Saturday, July 30.

"It's going to be a beautiful weekend for the entire south of the Quebec province, including Montreal. We'll have great weather on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, with little wind, and no prediction of showers," Peter Kimbell, a meteorologist at Environment Canada, told MTL Blog.

Kimbell forecasts a humidex value of 30 for Friday and Saturday — so pretty tolerable compared to the heatwave we endured in mid-July when humidex values reached the 35 to 40 range.

The meteorologist does anticipate high UV values, however, and noted that it's important that festival-goers put on sunscreen and keep drinking lots of water throughout the weekend.

Sunday should be the hottest day of the festival with temps rising up to 29 C and a humidex value of 34, according to Kimbell. The Weather Network forecasts a "feels like" temperature of 33, so get ready to be sweaty.

Hopefully, Dua Lipa won't notice.

Evening Osheaga performances will be a little bit chillier (18 to 20 C, according to the forecast), but you probably won't need your jacket.

High temperatures will persist until the beginning of next week, with a chance of showers in the evening of Monday, August 1.

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