Locals Shared The Most Underrated Montreal Breakfast Spot & One Restaurant Is A Clear Winner

What's your go-to breakfast restaurant in Montreal?

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A photo of the Montreal skyline during the summer, Right: An aerial photo of a brunch spread.

A photo of the Montreal skyline during the summer, Right: An aerial photo of a brunch spread.

Michael Beener | Unsplash, Ali Inay | Unsplash

Montrealers don’t mess around regarding a good brekky and brunch spot in the city. While Montreal is full of trendy brunch spots and Instagrammable eateries, there are a few hidden gems that some locals might wish they kept on the down low.

We asked Montrealers what the city's most underrated breakfast spot is, and you’ll definitely want to add these to your foodie bucket lists, particularly one stand-out restaurant — Cosmos.

Turns out, The Famous Cosmos on rue Sherbrooke O., is a major fan favourite and offers a delectable breakfast menu that will satisfy every taste bud ever so perfectly.

A few other standout breakfast spots include:

  • "Miami Deli."
  • "Orange Cafe is a favourite!"
  • "Le Well on Wellington is delicious."
  • "Dame Tartine makes this awesome breakfast poutine. Delicious."
  • "Miami Deli, it's well-priced, has good portions, good vibes, delicious + feels like you're on vacation in Fort Lauderdale."
  • "We love the breakfast at Jonas Restaurant."
  • "Le Manoir on the West Island."
  • An unpretentious restaurant with the greatest breakfast is " La Terrasse" on Bannantyne in Verdun."
  • Resto-Café Quoi de N’Oeuf Notre-Dame Ouest is my favourite place for breakfast."
  • "Paulo & Suzanne's."
  • "Alejandro on Atataken/Maisonneuve."
  • "Ye Olde Orchard on Prince Arthur."
  • Peddlers."
  • Restaurant Greenspot on Notre Dame near Atwater."

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