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Montreal Ice Cream Shop Gaufres Et Glaces Is Opening A New Location In The West Island

The West Island is about to get a lot more sweet!

Ice cream waffle cones from Montreal ice cream shop, Gaufres et Glaces.

Ice cream waffle cones from Montreal ice cream shop, Gaufres et Glaces.

Are you ever in the mood for ice cream? What about waffles? Ever have 'em together? Well, Gaufres et Glaces has made that its speciality.

The ice cream and waffle shop has been satisfying Montreal's sweet tooth for years at its Laval, Beaubien and Plateau locations, and now they're officially expanding to the West Island. Woo-hoo!

Gaufres et Glaces announced its newest location in an Instagram post on May 26, which will be opening on Pierrefonds Boulevard as of May 31, 2022.

"We are coming to the west island," Gaufres et Glaces wrote in their Instagram caption. "Opening next Monday, May 31, 2022."

This is quite the exciting news considering the West Island can now get their hands on some of Gaufres et Glaces' unique creations — including 21 choices of top-quality Belgian chocolate dips for their waffles and an array of ice cream to add atop with over 12 toppings to choose from.

The sweet spot is also known for its soft serve, which comes in nine different flavours such as raspberry, strawberry, butter pecan, and countless more.

Gaufres et Glaces offers up more than 100,000 combinations when it comes to their ice cream and waffles, per its website, so it's safe to say there's a little something for everyone.

The Montreal ice cream shop is also known for its milkshakes, smoothies, and bubble tea, which you can sip out of a light bulb cup. Mhm, light bulb cup!

With a brand new location, countless choices, and the whole summer to try 'em out — Gaufres et Glaces is simply a must-try spot.

Bon appétit!

Gaufres et Glaces New West Island Location

Address: 15751, boul. Pierrefonds, Montreal, QC

When: Opens as of May 31, 2022


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