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Montreal Weather Will Get Chillier This Weekend — With Possible Frost

Time to consider brining in your plants. 🌱

MTL Blog, Associate Editor
​People sit on a blanket in Mount Royal Park.

People sit on a blanket in Mount Royal Park.

If you haven't already dusted off your fall jacket and set a reminder to bring in your plants from the balcony, you probably shouldn't procrastinate much longer. Montreal's forecast is slated to stay pleasant over the weekend, but temps are expected to drop once the sun goes down, bringing a possible first frost of the season.

That's right on track for Quebec, which usually sees temps dip near freezing within the first week or two of October. But don't worry, the taste of winter will be brief and won't overshadow the weekend.

Sunshine and some cloud cover are in the cards for Saturday with highs hitting around 16 C, according to Environment Canada. The sun will stick around for Sunday, coupled with clear skies, but temps are predicted to fall to 12 C.

Once the sun goes down, the mercury will drop to a chilly 4 C both nights. Environment Canada has issued a frost warning for several areas near Montreal, including Mont Tremblant.

A light freeze can kill less hardy plants if they're not protected. The Farmer's Almanac recommends covering vulnerable vegetation with a blanket to keep them warm if it can't be moved indoors.

Fortunately, no matter the weather, there are plenty of indoor and outdoor activities in Montreal to entertain you at the start of October.

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