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Some People Are Reporting A Mysterious, Extremely Loud Noise In Montreal Last Night

Theories range from thunder to a meteor.
Mysterious Loud Bang In Montreal Has Social Media Users Confused

There are countless social media reports of an extremely loud noise heard in the Montreal area overnight.

The general consensus across the reports is that a boom occurred around 3:30 a.m. on Thursday morning. Some have reported also seeing a flash.

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What are Montrealers’ theories?

There are multiple theories for the origin of the bang. 

Some say it was extremely loud thunder, but others reject those claims. 

from montreal

A few are hypothesizing that a meteor exploded in the atmosphere, but they seem to be in the minority.

Other social media users have likened the noise to crashing metal and say their first thought was that a disaster had occurred.

from Quebec

Due to some accompanying rumbling, another group of people on social media has posited there was an earthquake.

What actually happened?

First of all, there have been no reports of human disasters like train derailments or plane crashes.

We might also be able to toss out the theories that an earthquake struck.

Earthquakes Canada has not reported significant seismic activity in Quebec.

Environment Canada did track thunderstorms over the southern part of the province overnight. 

In a Thursday morning tweet, the federal weather agency even suggested that the thunder could have woken residents up.

For now, we might just have to write off the noise as yet another Montreal mystery.

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