These 8 Montreal Jobs Pay Over $100,000 & Yes, You'll Need To Be At Least Partially Qualified

Hopefully you know how to code!

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Montreal's Palais de Justice occupied by crowds of people.

Montreal's Palais de Justice occupied by crowds of people.

Is it time for a change? Maybe your current job doesn't have the benefits you want, or you want to work from home. Or maybe you just want a little more cash to cushion your daily grind in the cogs of the capitalist machine.

Well, wanting a higher salary isn't a crime — and maybe you're "rage applying" to jobs in the hopes that you'll garner a raise or some extra respect. No matter where you're at in your life, these high-paying Montreal jobs could very well help you boost your income and further your career, one application at a time.

Oh, right. You do have to have qualifications that are actually worth $100,000, otherwise, this list might be disappointing.

Senior software developer

Salary: $120,000 to $150,000

Company: Intrado

Who Should Apply: Applicants will need a Bachelor's in computer science and at least four years of relevant experience, and a talent for asynchronous programming.

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Senior sales engineer

Salary: $150,000 to $170,000

Company: Altair Engineering

Who Should Apply: French-speaking bilingual people with at least three years of technical sales experience and a Bachelor's in an engineering or science field would be well-positioned to apply for this role.

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Senior director, health and prevention

Salary: $103,378 to $129,222

Company: Canadian Red Cross

Who Should Apply: Bilingual people with medicine- or public-health-related degrees and at least seven years of "progressive health management experience" could consider this role as a next step.

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Court enforcement officer

Salary: $100,000 to $123,000

Company: Hiring through TechnoGénie

Who Should Apply: Extremely ethical people with ten years of relevant engineering and administrative experience and a Bachelor's in engineering would be good fits for this position.

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Financial director

Salary: $120,000

Company: Nuera Air

Who Should Apply: Fluently bilingual with over 15 years of experience "in a multi-layered, global organization," the star candidate for this job is a CPA with a good track record in financial systems.

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Marketing director

Salary: $120,000

Company: Project Recapture, Inc.

Who Should Apply: People with five or more years of experience in staff recruitment, marketing plans, client interactions and marketing strategies could apply to this role, which requires both French and English.

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Regional engineer — aircraft certification

Salary: $104,135 to $121,451

Company: Transport Canada - National Aircraft Certification

Who Should Apply: Aircraft enthusiasts with six or more years of experience "in the design, development, testing, in-service support, or certification of aeronautical products" should consider this job, which also requires three or more years of experience in designing aircraft structures.

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Director of software engineering

Salary: $150,000 to $170,000

Company: The Grid Group Corporation

Who Should Apply: Folks with "a working knowledge of DevOps," six years of software development experience and four years of experience leading a development team should apply for this senior role.

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