Quebec Confirmed Halloween Isn't Cancelled This Year — But It Won't Be Back To Normal

Halloween isn't cancelled in Quebec this year, the Ministry of Health confirmed to Narcity and MTL Blog — but there will be health rules in place.

Quebecers might remember the run-up to Halloween 2020, when, at the cusp of the third wave of COVID-19 infections, public health officials warned the holiday wouldn't resemble years past.

Though at least one municipality did cancel trick-or-treating, Quebec ended up releasing a list of Halloween rules that allowed children to go trick-or-treating with members of their own household — not with friends — but explicitly banned parties.

The Ministry of Health suggested that a similar list of rules and recommendations will come in 2021, though it didn't say what it would include or when we'll see it.

But Quebecers can at least expect the pandemic to once again influence their Halloween plans.