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Quebec Reported 89 New COVID-19 Deaths While Hospitalizations Topped 3,400

289 people were in intensive care.

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Quebec Reported 89 New COVID-19 Deaths While Hospitalizations Topped 3,400

On Tuesday, Quebec reported more new 89 new COVID-19 deaths. The province also recorded a net increase of 36 COVID-19 hospital patients on January 17, bringing the total number of active hospitalizations to 3,417, of which 289 were in intensive care, a net increase of three.

The province also tallied 5,143 new infections. However, because PCR tests are no longer available to the general public, official case counts are unreliable.

The January 18 daily numbers come as Radio-Canada reports that the provincial government is weighing a change to its standards for hospital care to deal with the current influx of patients.

Quebec is also in the process of limiting activities for the unvaccinated. As of January 18, provincial liquor and cannabis stores, the SAQ and the SQDC, are requiring a vaccine passport for customers (but not for staff).

Large stores with an area of at least 1,5000 square meters, such as Canadian Tire, will require the vaccine passport as of January 24. Grocery stores and pharmacies are exempt.

Health Minister Christian Dubé has hinted that even more businesses could require customers to be fully vaccinated in the coming months.

The government has also announced its intention to impose a tax on unvaccinated residents. Premier François Legault has called the sum an additional health contribution to compensate for the disproportionate burden unvaccinated Quebecers place on the health care system.

Critics have said the so-called "unvaxxed tax" would unfairly punish vulnerable populations who may not have had access to a vaccine.

The National Assembly is set to debate the proposed measure when it's back in session.

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    Thomas MacDonald
    Senior Editor
    Thomas MacDonald is a Senior Editor for MTL Blog focused on Montreal public transit and is based in Montreal, Quebec.
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