These 6 Netflix Canada TV Shows & Movies Were Filmed In Quebec

How many locations can you recognize? 👀

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Philemon Chambers and Michael Urie in Netflix's 'Single All The Way'. Right: Noah Centineo in Netflix's 'The Recruit'.

Philemon Chambers and Michael Urie in Netflix's 'Single All The Way'. Right: Noah Centineo in Netflix's 'The Recruit'.

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Canada is a hotspot for filming, even if movie producers and showrunners often try hard to pass it off as other, more exciting locales. While Vancouver and Toronto perhaps most famously serve as nondescript settings for American movies, Quebec can claim a few blurry backdrops, too. You can even spot a handful of local streetscapes and landmarks on Netflix.

Netflix Canada is home to several films and TV shows filmed in Quebec. Netflix has a map showcasing the Canadian filming locations for some of its most popular original content. Six films and series were filmed in Quebec, in regions ranging from Montreal to Lanaudière and the Laurentides. Here are which movies and television series to scrutinize for familiar backgrounds.

The Recruit

The Recruit starring Noah Centineo dropped on Netflix back in December 2022 and has become a hit on the streaming platform.

Turns out The Recruit was filmed in Montreal. Sure, scenes in the show take place in Geneva and Belarus, but you're really spotting the 514 on your screens.

Single All The Way

We love a cheesy Christmas rom-com, and we love that Single All The Way was filmed in Quebec even more. Scenes in the movie were filmed in Montreal, Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts and Brome-Missisquoi.

Somebody Feed Phil

This series chronicles the food adventures of Everybody Loves Raymond creator Phil Rosenthal as he travels across the globe seeking the tastiest local dishes, and Montreal was obviously on his list.

During his foodie tour across the city, Phil visited Park in Westmount, Olive et Gourmando in Old Montreal, Schwartz's Deli and Ma Poule Mouillée in the Plateau. Of course, no visit to Montreal is complete without a visit to St-Viateur Bagel.


M'entends-Tu? was filmed in the Montreal borough of Lachine, the Saint-Paul neighbourhood, on the banks of the Saint Lawrence River and on the McGill University campus.

Jusqu'au Déclin

Jusqua'au Déclin was filmed in the Laurentides and Lanaudière regions, including the Forêt Ouareau Regional Park, which is about 90 minutes from Montreal.

The Guide To The Perfect Family

The Guide To The Perfect Family, released back in 2021, was filmed in Montreal (viewers can spot several scenes of the city's downtown core) and in the Laurentians, which is the setting of the on-screen family's cottage.

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