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IKEA Is Recalling 2 'Non-Compliant' Products In Canada & You Could Get A Refund

The recall comes after new window covering legislation last year.

Entrance to an IKEA store. Right: A customer holds an IKEA receipt.

Entrance to an IKEA store. Right: A customer holds an IKEA receipt.

IKEA's new recall is just the latest in a flood of recalls this year ranging from baby swings to pain medications to hummus. The Canadian consumer may be understandably tired of searching through their home practically every other week, but it's better than contracting norovirus from a nice smoothie.

This recall has to do with two types of IKEA cellular blinds — blinds with a honeycomb-like folded structure that are a bit more energy efficient than similar pleated blinds. The two products, TRIPPEVALS and HOPPVALS cellular blinds, are being recalled because they no longer comply with the latest Canadian regulations on corded window coverings, according to a release.

The new legislation came into effect on May 1, 2021, so any TRIPPEVALS or HOPPVALS blinds bought on that date or later are eligible for this recall. There haven't been any reports of dangerous incidents related to these products, according to IKEA.

If you have cellular blinds and you want to check their product name, you can look on the inside of the top rail. If it doesn't say TRIPPEVALS or HOPPVALS, you're in the clear. If it does, you have two options.

First, you can reach out to IKEA, and they will send you a repair kit so you can make sure your blinds are up to code. If you'd prefer, you can also return the blinds to any Canadian IKEA store for a full refund — no proof of purchase necessary.

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