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8 Montreal Chinese Restaurants To Discover If You're Too Damn Lazy To Make Your Own Dinner

We let you know what the must-try at each spot is!
8 Montreal Chinese Restaurants To Discover If You're Too Damn Lazy To Make Your Own Dinner

Time and time again, the endless list of Montreal Chinese restaurants has blessed us with a million different options for takeout.

When you think of cuisines from around the world, one of the first you likely think of is Chinese.

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And for good reason — Chinese cuisine represents a rich culture, with vast traditions and a variety of delicious plates worth tasting.

Whether you're looking for a comforting meal or to try something different, Chinese cuisine is such a great option if you're thinking of where you want to order.

To help get you started, here are eight fantastic options to help get you started (and did you know that eight is a lucky number in Chinese culture?).


Address: 1110, rue Clark, Montreal, QC

Must-Try: General tao chicken

Why You Need To Go: Offering a menu of authentic Sichuan plates, Kanbai is a great spot if you're craving Chinese food, with a Montreal twist.

Maison VIP

Address: 1077, rue Clark, Montreal, QC

Must-Try: VIP fried rice

Why You Need To Go: Just down the road is Maison VIP, where you're always a VIP.


Address: 1448, rue Saint-Mathieu, Montreal, QC

Must-Try: Brocolli beef (according to the owner)

Why You Need To Go: You've probably heard of AuntDai's totally honest menu, but you'll go for the humour and stay for the delicious food.

Restaurant PM

Address: 1809, rue Sainte-Catherine O., Montreal, QC

Must-Try: Seafood, tofu and vegetable hot pot

Why You Need To Go: Offering both Chinese and Thai dishes, there's so much to choose from here that you'll have no option, but to order again and again and again.

Qing hua Dumplings

Address:1675, boul. de Maisonneuve O., Montreal, QC

Must-Try: Beef curry dumplings

Why You Need To Go: One of the most popular spots among Concordia students, this spot is definitely worth checking out.

Gia Ba

Address: 5766, ave. Monkland, Montreal, QC

Must-try: Taiwanese Style Beef Noodle Soup

Why You Need To Go: Offering a delicious blend of Szechuan Chinese and Taiwanese cuisines, this is the perfect spot for when you're craving either or both cuisines, or want to try something new.

Restaurant Yi Pin Xiang 

Address: 735, boul. Decarie Blvd, Montreal, QC

Must-try: Chicken and green onion dumplings

Why You Need To Go: Restaurant Yi Pin Xiang is totally chilled and relaxed inside, and the good is just as homey and comforting.

Noodle Factory

Address: 1018, rue Saint-Urbain, Montreal, QC

Must-Try: Shanghai style noodles

Why You Need To Go: As you can guess, this place has noodles, but you may not know that they're handmade, just like the dumplings and a host of other menu items.

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