A Woman Forgot To Get Off The Montreal Metro At The Last Stop & Her TikTok Ordeal Went Viral

"I think I am going to cry."

Assistant Editor, MTL Blog
A person filming themselves on TikTok after getting stuck at the Montreal Metro terminal.

A person filming themselves on TikTok after getting stuck at the Montreal Metro terminal.

Navigating the Montreal Metro can sometimes be tough, especially when you're transferring at Lionel-Groulx or Berri-UQAM. But for one rider, getting off at the final stop was seemingly the hardest task.

Audrey Gaudreau found herself stuck at the Longueuil-Université-de-Sherbrooke Metro station terminal after forgetting to get off the yellow line's final stop, and she documented the scary yet hilarious experience on TikTok.


daddy @stm.info roule moins vite plz #stm #fyp

"I forgot to get off the Metro," Audrey says with an iced coffee and AirPods in hand. "I am in the terminus, and I don't know what to do or who to call. I think I am going to cry."

"I am really f*cking scared," she continued, and her many worried looks of expressions were proof of just that. "And no one is responding to me."

The STM even got in on the fun, leaving a comment below Audrey's TikTok, which has since garnered over 300,000 views. "Are you still there Audrey? Were you answered on the intercom?" the STM wrote.

MTL Blog reached out to Audrey, who says she was only stuck in the Metro for about five minutes. "I was ringing the emergency bell too, so I guess they finally heard me… a driver came to help me. He was very friendly and offered me a lift back to the Longueuil-UDS station," she said.

The STM told MTL Blog that trains will move backward after arriving at one of the six final Metro stops, which "allows them to resume service in the other direction at a terminal station or before parking the train."

Montreal's public transit system also shared some tips on how to handle a situation like Audrey's. "A customer who finds himself or herself in such a situation is asked to remain calm and wait for an STM employee to show up. Above all, do not attempt to open the doors or get off by yourself (the tracks are powered and represent a great danger)," they wrote.

"The intercom, located near each door in all our trains (AZUR and MR-73) can be used to contact the train operator. If it is not possible to contact the operator, it is always possible to dial 911 and the request will be quickly forwarded to us."

So, when the nice lady comes on the intercom thanking you for riding with the STM, that’s your cue to get off the Metro, folks.

Mike Chaar
Assistant Editor, MTL Blog
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