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These Are All The Winners Of Quebec's Vaccine Lottery So Far

Congratulations to all the winners!

Here Are The People Who Have Won Quebec's Vaccination Lottery So Far

Quebec's vaccination lottery is in full swing and there are already plenty of lucky winners. There have already been two draws and while you might not be one of the winners, there's still plenty of time left in the contest for your chance to win.

There have been six contest winners so far. Let's meet them!

Before we get into it, let's remind you of how this vaccination lottery works.

From August 1 to August 27, there will be a weekly draw for a $150,000 dollar prize. The draw is open to Quebecers 18 and over who have already received at least one vaccine dose.

Here's who has won that prize so far:

  • Jocelyne Thibodeau (Laval)
  • Jean-Gabriel Mercier-Rancourt (Montérégie)

There is also a second weekly draw during the same month for Quebecers aged 12-17 for a $10,000 scholarship.

Four young Quebecers have won a scholarship so far:

  • Nathan Francoeur Rivest
  • Marilou Leroux
  • Anaïs S. Mc Murray
  • Thomas Langlais

There is also a $1 million dollar grand prize to be drawn on September 3 for adult Quebecers who are fully vaccinated.

You still have time to enter the vaccination lottery! Sign up here.

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