Montreal Police Are Looking For A Suspect Wanted For 2 Robberies At A Dep

Police say he threatened the dep clerk.

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Montreal Police Are Looking For A Suspect Wanted For 2 Robberies At A Dep

A suspect wanted in connection for two robberies at a dépanneur in the Ville-Émard neighbourhood is still on the loose and the Montreal police are asking for your help to identify him.

The robberies occurred on September 6 and 17.

According to the police report, "The suspect entered the store alone after the clerk gave him access. He mentioned having a weapon on him and demanded money by threatening the clerk. The suspect did not wear gloves. He fled on foot after the robberies."

The suspect is described by the SPVM as a white male between 25 and 30 years old. Photos show him wearing a beige flannel shirt and a beige baseball cap. He speaks French, according to the SPVM.

The police have also provided a list of suggestions for store owners to protect themselves from potential robberies:

  • "Place the cash register in a location visible from outside your business.
  • "Avoid signs, supports and displays that obstruct the view from outside.
  • "Use a burglary alarm system.
  • "Install a video surveillance system.
  • "Make your deposits at varying times, especially during the night.
  • "Keep little money in the cash register.
  • "Make sure the building number is clearly visible on the front and back of your business."
If you work at a store and are a victim of a robbery, the police suggest to never defend yourself and simply hand over the money to the robber before dialling 911.

SPVM investigators are asking anyone with information connected to these robberies or this individual to report to Info-Crime Montreal at 514 393-1133 or on its website.

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