This Map Shows Every Montreal Police Camera Location

There will be 33 in total by the end of the year.

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This Map Shows Every Montreal Police Camera Location

The Montreal police (SPVM) announced on October 25 that it would be adding nine "urban security cameras" to its current network of 24.

In a press release, the SPVM said the decision is part of the force's effort to combat gun violence.

The new camera locations, the press release says, "were chosen following an analysis of gun violence events that have occurred in recent months."

While the existing 24 cameras are concentrated in Ville-Marie and the southern Plateau, the new cameras will be in Lachine, the Sud-Ouest, Saint-Michel, Saint-Léonard and Montréal-Nord.

The map below shows the locations of planned and existing police security cameras in Montreal.

Often affixed to lamp posts, the existing cameras are easily visible throughout downtown and on Google Maps.

At the time of writing, the SPVM has only determined approximate locations for planned cameras (in orange), in some cases only naming street spans or parks.

"The installation of new urban security cameras is in addition to several other measures deployed by police forces in our common desire to make neighbourhoods safer and to fight gun violence," SPVM spokesperson David Shane said in the press release.

"It is an additional tool that has its usefulness, particularly in criminal investigations."

In an online FAQ, police say the cameras can help identify crime perpetrators and provide real-time footage in case of ongoing fieldwork.

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