The Montreal SPCA Rescued 7 Dogs That Were Saved From A Fire & They Need Forever Families

30 dogs were saved and sent to different shelters.

Assistant Editor, MTL Blog
Two dogs that were taken in by the Montreal SPCA after being saved from a fire in Lacolle, Quebec.

Two dogs that were taken in by the Montreal SPCA after being saved from a fire in Lacolle, Quebec.

The SPCA posted a heartbreaking message across its socials on April 8, sharing that a total of 30 dogs were saved from a fire that broke out in St-Bernard-de-Lacolle, seven of which have been taken in by the Montreal SPCA and will soon be up for adoption.

According to the SPCA, a residence with 32 dogs caught fire on March 30 and local animal controllers and the home owner's worked together to try and save them all. Sadly, two dogs died in the flames.

"As a result of the tragedy and their burns, the two owners made the difficult decision to surrender their dogs to shelters," the SPCA said.

Of the 30 that survived the fire, seven were brought to the Montreal SPCA while others were sent to shelters in Ontario, Newfoundland and to the Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Veterinaire (CHUV) in Saint-Hyacinthe.

The Montreal SPCA examined all seven doggos upon arrival and now have their dog behaviour experts looking after the canines for the time being. "These brave pups need care and time to recover," the animal welfare organization wrote.

After enough time has passed and the dogs are in better shape, they will need forever families. So, if you've got space in your heart and home to take in a new furry friend, seven adorable dogs are waiting for you.

"Our thoughts are with the family, as well as with the two dogs who perished in the fire," the Montreal SPCA said.

Details as to why the owners had so many dogs, to begin with, remain unknown.

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Assistant Editor, MTL Blog
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