The Montreal SPCA Says Families Are Being Forced To Abandon Their Pets Due To Inflation

"We hear this no fewer than 20 times a day!"

Assistant Editor, MTL Blog
A cat and a dog currently up for adoption at the Montreal SPCA.

A cat and a dog currently up for adoption at the Montreal SPCA.

Inflation is still very much on the rise, and Canadians are starting to resort to unfortunate measures in order to save money, including abandoning their pets. The Montreal SPCA took to its social media on April 15 to shed light on the recurring issue, saying that inflation is "destroying families."

"Every day, our staff sees families forced to abandon their animal companions. Financial concerns are the reason people give for abandonment," the Montreal SPCA wrote.

The animal welfare organization says that they hear this up to 20 times a day. Last week, Mew, an adorable kitty, was surrendered at the SPCA shelter as his guardian could no longer afford to care for him properly.

The Montreal SPCA says that the public can help in several different ways, including providing pet food to various community organizations and the SPCA food bank.

"Sometimes, all it takes is a few bags of kibble for a faithful companion to stay in their home while their human’s financial situation stabilizes”, explains Jamie Saad, Community Programs Manager at the Montreal SPCA.

"We urgently need to expand our community programs to prevent surrenders, like Mew’s, and to keep families together," they wrote.

The Montreal SPCA currently has 29 cats and nearly 10 dogs up for adoption.

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